M1 slip road approaching Port Tunnel closed due to overturned truck

first_imgROAD USERS IN Dublin should expect delays on the M50 slip road at the M1 approaching the Port Tunnel due to truck overturning.The road will be closed until 4pm approximately due to an overturned truck and debris blocking the road.Access to M50/N32 can be made via the roundabout at old N32. The accident has not affected the use of the Port Tunnel which remains open.Alternative routeThe gardaí said drivers should expect significant delays and are asking road users to use an alternative route if possible.The gardaí said that equipment to remove the truck is at the scene, but that it will take a number of hours to remove the truck.There is no further information about the condition of the truck driver. Debunked: Does switching off your engine when stuck in traffic save fuel?>This guy singing with strangers in traffic will lift your spirits no end>last_img read more

Shatter says it may be best to keep 2014 a referendum free

first_img“It may well be the case that 2014 is a referendum free year, and that if we have further referenda take place possibly they should be in 2015.”The Constitutional Convention voted back in April to recommend a change in the Constitution to allow for civil marriages for same-sex couples.As part of the process, it’s up to the Government to decide whether the issue should be put before the people.Speaking last Wednesday, Taoiseach Enda Kenny said the coalition’s response was due this week and would be provided on time.Transport Minister Leo Varadkar has suggested that the vote could be held on the same day as the Local and European elections next year in order to ensure that a “substantial number of people would come out to vote”.Speaking last month, Tánaiste and Labour leader Eamon Gilmore said it would happen before the end of the current Government, and described the topic as the “civil rights issue of this generation”.While Shatter, Varadkar and other Fine Gael ministers have said they are in favour of same-sex couples marrying, Taoiseach Enda Kenny has so far not given his personal view.Read: Dublin business owner in storm over gay cake-topper rowRead: Pope Francis: We don’t need to talk about abortion, gay marriage and contraception ‘all the time’ JUSTICE MINISTER ALAN Shatter has said he suspects the Irish public may be suffering from “referendum fatigue,” in the wake of the recent votes on the Seanad and the Court of Appeal.The Cabinet is expected to make a decision tomorrow on the date for a referendum on extending full marriage rights to gay couples, following a recommendation from the Constitutional Convention.But while Labour has been pushing for a vote next year, Fine Gael appears less keen to put the issue on the Government agenda in the wake of the rejection of the proposal to scrap the Seanad, and the divisive Oireachtas vote on the abortion bill during the summer.Speaking to reporters today, Minister Shatter said he felt it was unlikely another referendum would be held before 2015.“I suspect the general public are suffering from referendum fatigue,” Shatter said.“Having been in the Dáil for many years, I can’t recall so many referenda taking place within such a short space of time on so many very important issueslast_img read more

9 worrying signs that Ireland has developed notions

first_img Source: Tom ByrnePutting the price up makes it more exclusive, see?6. Pints out, wine in Source: ShutterstockWine wine wine. The Government has chucked an extra €1.50 onto the price of every bottle of wine in Ireland over the last two Budgets, and it’s barely dented our appetite for the stuff.Basically, we are all now this guy in the photo. We’re probably the reason for the global wine shortage.7. We’re eating more Superquinn sausages than ever Source: Christina FinnThe factory where Superquinn sausages are made has had to employ 12 new people because demand has gone up so much. Whatever happened to Denny’s, guys?8. The celebrities are flocking in* Source: Alan Andrews/Coffee CultureWhat’s this? Oh, just Bill Clinton hanging with Bono and Rory McIlroy in Dublin last month.And just look at the jacket on Rory. Did he borrow that from the 2003 Gerald Kean Collection or what?They’re even getting drunk in Temple Bar: Source: Kermit-on-tour*May be a slight exaggeration. But Johnny Depp was in Westmeath!9. And finally, we’re literally exporting our dirt Source: IrishturfdistributorsTo Americans, who’ll pay €49 for a bale of briquettes. God love them.Have you seen any signs of NOTIONS appearing in Ireland? Let us know – this menace must be stopped. Watch parents tell their kids: ‘We ate all your Halloween sweets’>Chocolate-covered crisps are now a reality in the US> REMEMBER THE EARLY noughties? Remember how crazy Ireland was in the boom years?The problem was, we got NOTIONS. Notions were our downfall. (OK, among other things.)Recently there have been some troubling signs that NOTIONS may have returned to these shores. Behold:1. This is how much a pint costs now Source: ImgurWell, in Oliver St John Gogarty’s of Temple Bar anyway. And that’s OK, apparently: a staff member told the Irish Independent that people “rarely complain” about the prices.2. The Nespresso queue in Brown Thomas is ‘a thing’ 3. Some of us have even abandoned teabags in favour of ‘tea capsules’ Source: Wholesome IrelandOK, not many of us. But still. Tea capsules? Really?Currently €7.29 on Viking’s Irish site for a pack of 16. That’s 45c a cup.4. Property boom!Yep, this is happening. Anyone remember how it ended last time?5. This is how supermarkets are attracting customerslast_img read more

Dublin Lord Mayor catches fainting fireman

first_imgDUBLIN’S LORD MAYOR rushed to the aid of a fainting fireman today at an event in the Dublin City Library and Archive earlier today.Oisín Quinn had just finished giving his address at the launch of the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award when one of the four Dublin Fire Brigade firefighters acting as flag bearers started to faint.“Nobody was moving so if there’s any movement it catches your eye and so I saw the third flag bearer initially faint on his feet, like he fell backwards against the wall gently and I could see he was out,” the Dublin Lord Mayor told TheJournal.ie.Quinn said he saw the fireman begin to fall and it was “a slow motion sort of thing”.“I got to my feet and dashed over to him and held him up,” he said. “Then two of the other firemen dropped their flags and we opened the firedoor to let some air in.”The Lord Mayor said the firefigher had already started to come around when he caught him and recovered quickly.“I think he may have been working a night shift and he said to me afterwards when I asked if he was alright that he actually missed his breakfast,” he said.Quinn said it was “the first time someone has fainted in my presence in public” and quipped that it may have been due to to “all the hot air in the room since I’d just given a speech”.Read: Dublin Lord Mayor: “I have a professional disregard for the legal classes”>Read: Brains behind the bike scheme is Dublin’s new mayor>last_img read more

Nelson Mandela still quite ill and cannot talk

first_imgMONTHS AFTER BEING discharged from hospital after a long stay, Nelson Mandela is still receiving intensive treatment at his home in South Africa.In an interview with the Sunday Independent at the weekend, his ex-wife Winnie Madikizela-Mandela revealed that the 95-year-old can no longer talk “because of all the tubes that are in his mouth to clear the lungs”.He uses his face to communicate, she said, adding that doctors are hopeful he can recover his voice.She described his current bedroom at the Houghton home as being “like an ICU ward”.“He remains quite ill,” she continued. “But thank God the doctors were able to pull him through from that (last) infection.”Mandela was diagnosed with a recurring lung infection in June and was discharged on 1 September following an almost-three-month stay.His condition has vacillated between critical, serious and unstable as the country offered up prayers and gifts to the anti-apartheid hero.He is now in the care of a team of 22 doctors. While the pneumonia has cleared, his lungs remain sensitive to infection and germs.Read: Nelson Mandela leaves hospital and returns homeDailyEdge.ie: 7 of the best portrayals of real-life people on film…Pics: ‘Humbled’ Barack Obama visits Nelson Mandela’s prison celllast_img read more

Column New year new you – how to achieve your goals in

first_imgGOAL-SETTING IS like Marmite; you either love it or you hate it.If you identify yourself as one of the haters, it’s most likely because it hasn’t worked for you… yet!Goal-setting is a powerful process one that is used by sports stars, business gurus and regular Joe Soaps. Setting goals increases your chances of getting what you want from life.Last year I was interviewed by my favourite DJ, Dave Fanning. Grinning like the Cheshire cat, not believing I was actually sitting across from the voice that had cushioned my teenage years, he asked me “What if I don’t want to change?”I can’t remember how I answered Dave on the day – probably not very articulately as I sat star struck in the RTE studios. What I probably said was “if you don’t what to change, don’t change”. Desire is the first requirement for successful achievement of goals.Do you really want it?Only reach for dreams you really want, don’t get sucked into setting goals because you think you should have them or because it’s the logical next step in your career. Be true to yourself and unless a goal excites you and motivates you to get up in the morning don’t bother going for it. Desire and passion are an essential part of the process, without them you will lack motivation. When the passion levels are right, what you need next is self-belief.Henry Ford said “If you think you can or think you can’t, you are probably right” If you don’t believe you can succeed in getting your goal, your chances of achieving anything are slim. I have met many people who set goals but because they have failed so many times before they don’t really believe they can achieve it. They fear failure, ridicule and disappointment. Identifying and bringing those fears to your awareness will help you to tackle and overcome these barriers. Confront your fears: are they realistic? Or are you perhaps listening to other people’s negativity. Remember you are the master of your fate.So you’ve decided you really want to change, you believe you can do it, now what?Unfortunately the statistics for New Year Resolution success is poor. Apparently only 18% of people succeed with their New Year’s Resolutions. Eek, should you bother wasting your time? But fear not, with a couple of tips you’ll be one of the 18% or even better together we will raise that percentage to a more respectable rate.Celebrate last yearTake some time to contemplate the past year. What was good about it? Did you achieve anything in work, did you master a new talent, did you perhaps give up a bad habit? It’s important to celebrate and recognise all of your accomplishments. Don’t let things go unnoticed.So, how can you make next year better? Decide what you want to achieve and follow these simple steps…Write it downWriting down your goals not only helps you to commit to achieving them but it also helps to engage your subconscious mind in the goal setting process. The brain has a filter called the RAS which is responsible for altered arousal; it’s the part of the brain that makes you aware of what’s happening in the world relevant to you. Buy a new car and you will see the same car everywhere. Have a new baby and you will see babies everywhere. The RAS will alert you to relevance and opportunities, your subconscious mind is working for you.Less is moreDon’t try to change too much too soon. Focus on one goal at a time. One of the reasons new year’s resolutions fail is because many people try to give up smoking, drinking and get fit all at the same time. Some have achieved it but their numbers are few.Overcome pitfallsRemember that you will fall, but what’s important is not the falling, what’s important is how long you stay lying down. If you know the pitfalls you can work your way through them and come out smiling. Make a plan for the New Year, be resolute and go out and get it this time.Ciara Conlon is a Productivity Coach and author of Chaos to Control a practical guide to getting things done. She helps busy professionals save time and get focused. If you would like help getting organised and setting goals for 2014, Check out her online course Get Set for SuccessRead: Having trouble with New Year’s Resolutions? This video will helpRead: 11 New Year’s Resolutions from people with really low expectationsWe’re interested in your ideas and opinions – do you have a story you would like to see featured in Opinion & Insight? Email opinions@thejournal.ielast_img read more

Fire units to remain at Ballymount industrial estate fire for a number

first_imgUpdated 8.15amFOUR UNITS OF the Dublin Fire Brigade are still in attendance this morning at a fire that broke at the Oxigen plant in west Dublin over the weekend.An incident command unit is also on the scene this morning, but the fire is under control.Dublin Fire Brigade told TheJournal.ie that they will be on the scene for “at least” the next day or two.Major traffic delaysThey warned that there will be major traffic delays in and around the scene as traffic restrictions are put in place, so motorists should take an alternate route where possible.Gardaí say the following diversions are in place:Ballymount Road closed with only local access into Merrywell Industrial Estate.Ballymount Avenue closed with only local access into Merrywell Industrial Estate.Access into Merrywell Industrial Estate from Turnpike Road onlyLocal Access only on Ballymount Road for Panda, Galco, Kelkin Fastway, up Turnpike Road only.Yesterday, despite the smoke subsiding, both the EPA and gardaí said the advice to householders in the area warned people in the affected area to stay indoors and keep windows and doors closed.The fire broke out at 3.12am on Saturday morning. Householders nearby reported hearing “little explosions” in the early hours of yesterday morning as the blaze spread.Originally published 7.21amRelated: Ballymount industrial estate fire could burn for rest of weekendRead: Ballymount blaze rated a ‘Category 1′ incident by EPA>last_img read more

Heres What Happened Today Saturday

first_imgLimerick man Ger Hogan brings people through the water at St Mary’s Park in Limerick. (Image: Sean Curtin)NEED TO CATCH up? TheJournal.ie brings you a round-up of today’s news…IRELANDThe weather was so bad some people had to be evacuated from their homes.A human skull washed up on a Galway beach.An inquiry has been called for into the deaths of babies at the Midlands Regional Hospital Portlaoise.It was revealed that an entire town’s sewage is being piped into a conservation area.Another former Labour Party councillor joined Sinn Féin.After being bombarded with online sectarian abuse, a Catholic teacher left her job at a Protestant school.A protest march was held outside Mount Carmel Hospital.SIPTU’s president Jack O’Connor has called for a wage increase. [RTÉ]WORLDVillagers and a journalist prepare to flee as Mount Sinabung releases pyroclastic flows during an eruption in Namantaran, North Sumatra (Image: AP).#INDONESIA: 14 people, including a number of schoolchildren, were killed when a volcano eruptedon the Indonesian island of Sumatra. [BBC]#CASTAWAY: A Mexican man has claimed he survived 16 months adrift in the Pacific before washing up on a reef on Thursday.#KNOX: The ex-boyfriend of Amanda Knox said he was not fleeing Italy when he drove to Austria while an appeals court deliberated his fate in the death of British student Meredith Kercher.INNOVATIONAre you forever exceeding your mobile data limit? Here are some tips on how to keep it under control.This impressive 3D brain scan shows every neuron connection in the brain in a colourful display. [Gizmodo]PARTING SHOTIf the high winds and floods across the country were bringing you down today, this might lift your mood. If only Thomas the Tank Engine really was in Galway – he’d know exactly what to do.last_img read more

Poll Does it matter that the US hasnt appointed an ambassador to

first_imgFIFTEEN MONTHS AFTER Dan Rooney stepped down as US ambassador to Ireland, there is still no replacement in the Phoenix Park.Rooney, who owns the Pittsburgh Steelers American football franchise, was appointed to the role after the election of Barack Obama in 2008.Taoiseach Enda Kenny said this weekend that Obama is “intent on dealing” with the delay, the longest in the history of diplomatic relations between the two countries.But, does it matter? The work of the US Embassy goes on and we’re on pretty good terms with the US, being invited over to their house every March and all.We’re asking: Does it matter that the US hasn’t appointed an ambassador to Ireland? Yes (870) Poll Results: I don’t know (982)center_img No (2129) YesNoI don’t knowVotelast_img read more

Two GAA players released from hospital after violence at club game

first_imgTWO GAA PLAYERS have been released from hospital, having suffered facial injuries after a brawl erupted during a reserve game between St Eunan’s and Naomh Conaill yesterday.A spokesperson for Naomh Conaill confirmed to TheScore.ie that both players were released from hospital following the incident yesterday.The spokesperson added that their player was “a bit sore” and “badly bruised” as a result of the fracas.Donegal Daily previously quoted an eye-witness as saying that the St Eunan’s player was “down for a long time” and allegedly “kicked in the head at one stage” It is understood that the referee will issue a full report on the incident to the county board.‘We always think this year is the year’: Finian Hanley on Galway’s bouncebackability>Donal Óg Cusack joins RTÉ GAA team>last_img read more

Two men charged in relation to drugs seizure in Co Antrim

first_imgTWO MALES HAVE been charged in relation to the seizure of drugs with an estimated street value of approximately €47,000 (£40,000) in the Portrush area of Co Antrim last Thursday.Detectives in Coleraine, Co Derry, charged the men, aged 27 and 34, with being concerned in the supply of a class B controlled drug; possession of a class B controlled drug and possession of a class B controlled drug with intent to supply.They are due to appear at Ballymena Magistrates Court in Co Antrim today.Comments are disabled as legal proceedings are active.Read: Cannabis plants worth €425,000 seized in Co Antrim >last_img

UN criticises Magdalene orders for refusal to contribute to redress

first_imgTHE “CONTINUED REFUSAL” of four orders that ran Magdalene laundries has been criticised by the UN.The UN Committee Against Torture (UNCAT) today released a report into the Holy See, making specific mention of the Magdalene redress schemes.The government has said that the fund will cost between €35 and €60 million.The report says the state should:“Encourage the provision of redress by individual religious orders to victims of violations of the Convention carried out by them and take additional steps to ensure that victims obtain redress as needed, including in the case of the Magdalene Laundries.“Appropriate measures should be taken to ensure the physical and psychological recovery and social reintegration of the victims of abuse.”The recommendations relating to the Magdalene orders are listed by UNCAT as one of the issues the Vatican is being asked to provide “follow-up information in response to the Committee’s recommendation” within one year.The Irish Sisters of Charity, the Good Shepherd Sisters, the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity and the Sisters of Mercy say that they are contributing to restitution by providing care to around 130 former laundry workers.The report welcomes a promise by Pope Francis that the Holy See will be “even stronger” in dealing with abuse.Read: 30% of Irish people ‘think Jews talk too much about the Holocaust’last_img read more

Frances Fitzgerald and garda commissioner discuss shooting of sixyearold

first_imgTHE MINISTER FOR Justice has spoken with the acting garda commissioner Noirín O’Sullivan about an attack last week in which a six-year-old was shot.Frances Fitzgerald added that she ‘would be happy’ to meet with local residents affected by the shooting.“The interim garda commissioner assured me that progress is being made with all the necessary resources being made available,” Fitzgerald told the Dáil this evening.“An Garda Síochana is determined to bring those involved to justice,” she added, noting that the force have the “full support of the community”.The operation is being overseen by a senior investigating officer, Fitzgerald said.The minister was responding to a Topical Issue put forward by Sinn Féin TD Aengus Ó Snodaigh.He was not present in the chamber at the time with Labour TD Michael Conaghan, who also raised the topic yesterday, instead speaking on the issue.“People are silently seething that their communities act as a backdrop to these shootings,” he said, and noted that the local residents had carried out a lot of work to maintain the area and built it up from “nothing”.Conaghan asked if the minister would be willing to visit the area to listen to local residents, and to “get an insight into how strong their feelings are about this dreadful matter.”The minster said she would be happy to.I do believe it would be important to meet with the community. The minister said that gun crime “represents a real challenge for policing and poses significant potential for harm in the community”, and referenced a fall in both firearm offences and crimes involving a firearm by around 7% last year due to a “robust response” from gardaí.The 6-year-old child was shot in the neck in a house in Ballyfermot on Friday.Gardaí have said they believe the boy was not the intended target of the shooting.Read: Man arrested for withholding information over shooting of six-year-old boy >last_img read more

Bob Geldof on return to work It turns out that I can

first_img Source: AIDS 2014/Twitter AFTER THREE MONTHS of private grief over the death of his daughter Peaches, Bob Geldof returned to the world spotlight today, taking up the cause of AIDS with his trademark mix of anger and empathy.In an interview with AFP on the sidelines of the International AIDS Conference, Geldof blasted rich countries that were becoming indifferent to the pandemic and lashed Russia, Uganda and Nigeria for passing “medieval” anti-gay laws.Geldof, who was given a standing ovation for a talk he gave to delegates about poverty and AIDS, said the disease could be wiped out, as all the tools needed were already there.“This can be done,” he said, clicking his fingers.“The funding to finally eliminate this thing, to get the last mile done, should be unequivocally handed over and I mean handed over,” he said.“Because it’s not a global health crisis (and) it seems to be a manageable disease now, there’s no political pressure.”For rich countries, AIDS was “off our radar” because of anti-retroviral drugs that made HIV a manageable disease, he complained.“Were people dying in the United States, in France, and in Germany and in England, I’m telling you, you would have massive political pressure to deal with this, massive, huge percentages of the budget would be focussed on it,” he said angrily.“Now it’s in the poorest regions of the world inevitably, and so it goes off our radar… it seems so remote from us.” Source: MailNews/YouTubeIn Melbourne, Geldof made his first foray on the international stage since Peaches, 25, died in April – a loss that, he said at the time, left his family “beyond pain”.Yesterday, a coroner confirmed she had died of a heroin overdose.The inquiry found the 25-year-old TV presenter had started taking the drug again in February after giving it up three months earlier. Her mother, Paula Yates, who was Geldof’s former spouse, died of an overdose in 2000.Asked on Thursday whether it had been hard to make the return to the world stage, Geldof said simply: “No.”He dismissed the idea that campaigning for big causes was a route to self-healing. What mattered was to make a difference.“It turns out that I can do this shit,” Geldof said with a weary smile on his pale face.“Sometimes, I mean, the needle twitches slightly, so you continue doing it.”© – AFP 2014Yesterday: Was Peaches a heroin addict?: ‘Yes’. Husband tells inquest Geldof was in drug treatmentMore: Bob Geldof gives first interview since the death of his daughter Peaches Campaigners ‘should challenge governments’He condemned laws in Russia to bar dissemination of information about homosexuality as “medieval nonsense.”“In Russia the figures (of HIV infections) are increasing, which is one more of Putin’s great disgraces,” he said. “You know, the man is absolutely hopeless.”And legislation in Nigeria and Africa that punished gays was “inadequate leadership trying to get popular support,” said Geldof.Geldof said that AIDS campaigners should be “focussing on the empirical, by challenging governments” to live up to their commitments.But, he said, a kneejerk response could only go so far. Putting in health care systems and bringing people out of poverty were the key.“It’s actually putting in place systems that help you deal with it, and that will benefit the growth of the economy.”Geldof, 62, lead singer with the Boomtown Rats, co-founded Band Aid in 1984 to help drum up money for famine relief in Ethiopia. He followed it the following year with the historic Live Aid concert, held in London and Philadelphia, to ease African poverty. Bob Geldof is in the #globalvillageAIDS2014, now pic.twitter.com/pbBpj1mpfF— International AIDS Conference (@AIDS_conference) July 24, 2014last_img read more

Daft Punk Gets Its Own Tronbranded Headphone

first_imgHow do you know you’ve made it as an electronic band? I’d say the moment that Monster Cable releases a pair of headphones based on your group as a tie-in for an upcoming Disney blockbuster, you’ve got pretty good bragging rights at your next high school reunion.AdChoices广告Monster this week announced the release of its Daft Punk Edition TRON headphones, due out ahead of the December 17th release of Disney’s Tron: Legacy. The over-ear headphones are inspired by the group’s robot costumes. They feature animated LED lighting, noise isolation, a removable boom mic for gaming, and extra-large drivers for deep bass.The Daft Punk Edition TRON headphones are available now for $349.95.last_img

Twitter Users Sending One Billion Tweets a Week

first_imgAs Twitter nears its fifth birthday, the microblogging service has released some impressive stats outlining its meteoric rise. Arguably most impressive amongst the numbers is the revelation that it now takes a week for the site’s users to generate one billion tweets. The number is doubly impressive when you consider the fact that it took three years, two months, and a day to generate the first billion.At present, Twitter users are sending 140 million tweets a day (that’s up from 50 million, a year ago). Last week, on March 11th, 177 million tweets were sent in a 24 hour period. The current record for tweet per second, set on New Year’s, is 6,939.572,000 accounts were created on March 12th. The site has also seen a big jump in mobile users, up 182 percent over the year before. AdChoices广告last_img read more

NTT DoCoMo asks Google to limit Android data use

first_imgEver since the smartphone became popular, the mobile networks have been complaining about how much extra data users pull down and the stress that puts on their infrastructure. Such data use has seen most networks introduce caps on contracts and significant fees per gigabyte if those caps are exceeded.In Japan, network operator NTT DoCoMo is going a step further and requesting that Google limit how much data Android requests, as well as the frequency of those requests. The plea comes following several service disruptions, with the most recent seeing DoCoMo’s service go down due to VoIP use on Android devices.While VoIP certainly accounts for heavy data use, DoCoMo want Google to go further than just limiting such a service. They want the control signals sent by certain Android apps, which can be as frequent as every 3 minutes, limited further so as not to be constantly hammering the network. That request also extends to 3rd party developers. Depending on the type of app, that may actually render a few unusable due to their reliance on very regular data updates to a handset or tablet.The request to limit data use brings us back to the issue of investment. Is DoCoMo making this request because it genuinely thinks Android uptake and use will bring its network down, or is it trying to save money and limit investment on its network infrastructure?Ultimately it doesn’t matter what the reason is, smartphone use is not slowing down and data use will only increase as more services come online, especially in the entertainment category. NTT DoCoMo must surely realize this and the heavy investment required to support it. Even if Google does somehow limit Android data use, that just pushes back the same problem for a short period of time.Google has yet to comment publicly on this request to limit data use. I suspect the answer may not be what NTT DoCoMo wants to hear, though. We also have to consider that if Google do somehow respond by cutting data use, other networks around the world will be demanding the same.Read more at Reuterslast_img read more

Apple may be forced to stop using the iPhone name in Brazil

first_imgApple is facing a potentially very costly and frustrating trademark battle in Brazil over use of the name iPhone. As it currently stands, Apple does not hold the trademark on iPhone in Brazil, and has just had its request to register it rejected.The reason for the rejection is another company having previously registered the name as a trademark. IGB Electronica applied for the iPhone trademark in the year 2000. It was granted in 2008. In Brazil, whoever applies for a trademark first gets it, but then has to use it within 5 years.Apple plans to contest that since 2008 IGB has not used the iPhone trademark. However, the 5 year deadline ended with 2012, and IGB states it launched the iPhone Neo One Android smartphone in December. If you want one, you have to purchase it directly from the company through its website or from a single shopping location in Sao Paulo at a cost of $304.The bad news for Apple is that if the release of the iPhone Neo One counts as using the brand, and therefore the trademark, IGB will retain the trademark until at least 2018.The National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) now has 60 days to respond to Apple’s challenge and give a verdict. If it sides with IGB, then Apple has a choice: stop using the iPhone name for its smartphones in Brazil, or head into a very costly and prolonged legal battle centering around intellectual property rights.Apple has enough money on hand to fight any legal battle, for many years, but this is one it definitely wants to avoid. The fate of the iPhone in Brazil is unclear, but if the INPI decision is unfavorable, Apple may be able to pay IGB in a bid to secure a transfer of the trademark, or at least attain some form of license to use it.last_img read more

Fox News replaces news desks with absurdly large touchscreens

first_imgAlways out of touch, Fox News has decided to join the 21st century and upgrade its newsroom. Shepard Smith gives us a tour of what is called the Fox News Deck. What at first seems like a benign modern-day newsroom, turns out to be a scene straight from of a cartoon upon closer inspection.Rather than regular computers sitting atop standard desks you’d find spread across any typical newsroom, Fox News has come roaring into the 21st century by replacing those desks with comically enormous touchscreens; one cartoon-sized touchscreen per person. Rather than just looking like a misguided attempt at modernization, the giant tablets likely make the Fox News employees worse at their jobs. This isn’t because a touch interface is less efficient (though it would be for typing), but because the sheer size of the displays means that the people using them have to flail their arms about all day without a comfortable resting point. While regular office-bound folk like us are stuck living in the past with our arms and wrists comfortably resting on armrests and desks, the Fox news team has to keep their arms up in the air.Even more amusing, if you look at the giant touchscreens featured in the segment, you’ll notice each reporter is browsing Twitter, presumably for breaking news. It’s possible, though, that despite the giant tablets, Fox News will actually upgrade its practices to modern times, as the clip’s narration and interviews acknowledge that times are a’changin’, and the way people consume news has changed as well. What enormous touchscreens have to do with that, who’s to say? Our guess is that though regular-sized humans sitting in front of comically large tablets may seem silly, the large displays allow the television audience to see exactly what’s happening on the screens.Shepard Smith will be hosting his broadcast from this new News Deck, so this won’t be the last we see of the gigantic tablets, at least for now.last_img read more