It’s nuts to do no social media – and crazy to do all of it

first_imgI sat by a professional from a consulting firm at lunch today, and she bemoaned the fact she was in charge of “doing all social media” for her company – which she had interpreted as creating a presence on every single social network. She felt it was all a waste of time, since many people – like her mother – aren’t even on Facebook.What I told her was this: it’s crazy to participate in NO social media, and it’s equally nuts to participate in ALL social media. She was living in a world of useless extremes.Here are some new stats to back me up.Via Geoff Livingston and Jay Baer, some freshly released Edison/Arbitron data make a few things clear. One, Twitter is likely overvalued – only 8% of Americans are using it. In addition, Geoff notes, Pew’s Twitter Research shows that only half of active Twitter users actually check other people’s updates more than once a month. As he notes, “That halves the population to 4% for actual engagement. Way overvalued.”At the same time, the majority of America is on Facebook — 51%. So does that mean, focus on Facebook and ignore Twitter? Not quite. This data is a helpful reference but still doesn’t tell you which social media are right for you. The ultimate determinant is where your constituency congregates. If they are all on Twitter, Twitter is perfect for you. If they aren’t on the Internet, start licking envelopes. Don’t get caught up in the hype to the point you forget what really matters: which social networks are home to your community — as well as places where you can devote some concentrated time and energy. Those are the places that go to the top of your list.last_img

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