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Everybody?your life totally changes.56305, Helicopters and Dornier aircraft of Indian Navy are being used for rescue operations: CM Pinarayi Vijayan.” She said that the BJP’s silence on the issue showed that EVMs had irregularities in elections that were conducted in various parts of India since 2014.8 degrees Celsius.Written by Express News Service | Rajkot | Published: April 9watch? they reach home — a one-room accommodation on the terrace of a two-storey building.

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Tue 2 cr.7 per cent said that they would prescribe injections to provide “psychological relief to the patients. download Indian Express App ? 2017 5:23 pm Alphabet Inc. and similar steps by International Business Machines Corp. are opening a new phase of competition in the fast-growing cloud market Jonathan DuBois a scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory said Google staff have been clear about plans to open up the quantum machinery through its cloud service and have pledged that government and academic researchers would get free access A Google spokesman declined to comment Providing early and free access to specialized hardware to ignite interest fits with Google’s long-term strategy to expand its cloud business In May the company introduced a chip called Cloud TPU that it will rent out to cloud customers as a paid service In addition a select number of academic researchers are getting access to the chips at no cost While traditional computers process bits of information as 1s or zeros quantum machines rely on “qubits” that can be a 1 a zero or a state somewhere in between at any moment It’s still unclear whether this works better than existing supercomputers And the technology doesn’t support commercial activity yet Still Google and a growing number of other companies think it will transform computing by processing some important tasks millions of times faster SoftBank Group Corp’s giant new Vision fund is scouting for investments in this area and IBM and Microsoft Corp have been working on it for years along with startup D-Wave Systems Inc In 2014 Google unveiled an effort to develop its own quantum computers Earlier this year it said the system would prove its “supremacy” — a theoretical test to perform on par or better than existing supercomputers — by the end of 2017 One of the presentation slides viewed by Bloomberg repeated this prediction Quantum computers are bulky beasts that require special care such as deep refrigeration so they’re more likely to be rented over the internet than bought and put in companies’ own data centers If the machines end up being considerably faster that would be a major competitive advantage for a cloud service Google rents storage by the minute In theory quantum machines would trim computing times drastically giving a cloud service a huge effective price cut Google’s cloud offerings currently trail those of Amazoncom Inc and Microsoft Earlier this year IBM’s cloud business began offering access to quantum computers In May it added a 17 qubit prototype quantum processor to the still-experimental service Google has said it is producing a machine with 49 qubits although it’s unclear whether this is the computer being offered over the internet to outside users Experts see that benchmark as more theoretical than practical “You could do some reasonably-sized damage with that — if it fell over and landed on your foot” said Seth Lloyd a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Useful applications he argued will arrive when a system has more than 100 qubits Yet Lloyd credits Google for stirring broader interest Now there are quantum startups “popping up like mushrooms” he said One is Rigetti Computing which has netted more than $69 million from investors to create the equipment and software for a quantum computer That includes a “Forest” cloud service released in June that lets companies experiment with its nascent machinery Founder Chad Rigetti sees the technology becoming as hot as AI is now but he won’t put a timeline on that “This industry is very much in its infancy” he said “No one has built a quantum computer that works” The hope in the field is that functioning quantum computers if they arrive will have a variety of uses such as improving solar panels drug discovery or even fertilizer development Right now the only algorithms that run on them are good for chemistry simulations according to Robin Blume-Kohout a technical staffer at Sandia National Laboratories which evaluates quantum hardware A separate branch of theoretical quantum computing involves cryptography — ways of transferring data with much better security than current machines MIT’s Lloyd discussed these theories with Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin more than a decade ago at a conference The pair were fascinated and the professor recalls detailing a way to apply quantum cryptography so people could do a Google search without revealing the query to the company A few years later when Lloyd ran into Page and Brin again he said he pitched them on the idea After checking with the business side of Google the founders said they weren’t interested because the company’s ad-serving systems relied on knowing what searches people do Lloyd said “Now seven or eight years down the line maybe they’d be a bit more receptive” he added For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Mumbai | Published: January 24 2012 3:28 pm Related News The makers of Farhan Akhtar-starrer ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ are leaving no stone unturned to make his character look authentic and have decided to meet the veteran athlete’s trainer Havaldar Gurdev Singh The film directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra is a biographical sport drama film inspired by the life of Milkha Singhone of the earliest sport icons of India The film will trace Milkha’s childhood in today’s Pakistanthe partitionand his achievements as an athlete in independent India Actor-filmmaker Farhan is playing the legendary sportsman Milkha Singh in the movie and has devoted all his energies in getting ready to play the role “He (Farhan) has been going through a rigorous training schedule And he wants to meet Havaldar Gurdev Singh because he is behind the success of Milkha Singh and helped him become the Flying Sikh from a local guy” sources said We want Farhan’s character to look as authentic as possibleMehra said For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe major rift in the Larsen C ice shelf pictured in November 2016 John Sonntag/NASA Delaware-sized iceberg splits from Antarctica By Paul VoosenJul 12 2017 8:30 AM Climate change has a new poster child: a massive iceberg the size of Delaware—one of the largest ever recorded—that early this week calved off Larsen C the largest remaining ice shelf off the Antarctic Peninsula scientists announced today Although researchers cannot explicitly connect the calving event to warming air or water those monitoring the event are now concerned that the entire shelf after shedding more than 12% of its area could follow the fate of its more northern peers Larsens A and B which collapsed entirely in 1995 and 2002 respectively The calving occurred sometime between Monday and today said researchers from the MIDAS Project a team of UK researchers who have been assiduously monitoring the ice shelf for several years They’ve watched as the previously stable Larsen C thinned and developed cracks In 2013 one crack in particular managed to slash through the shelf’s “suture zones” irregularly patterned regions formed by inflows of ice from land that tend to prevent rifts from traveling through them This past year the zigs and zags of the rift accelerated rapidly “We have been anticipating this event for months and have been surprised how long it took for the rift to break through the final few kilometers of ice” said Adrian Luckman a glaciologist at Swansea University in the United Kingdom and the project’s lead investigator It’s the glaciological equivalent of reality TV Daniel McGrath University of Colorado It’s far from certain that Larsen C will collapse in the wake of this loss The stresses from birthing the iceberg could contribute to a collapse or the newly exposed face of the shelf could be more susceptible to calving It will be particularly important to watch whether a number of dormant cracks all currently stalled by suture zones are revived by the collapse says Chris Borstad a glaciologist at the University Centre in Svalbard Norway “If any of these begins to grow they could be much more problematic to the stability of the shelf” It’s also possible other researchers say that the new iceberg may constitute “passive” ice that Larsen C can shed without further loss and the shelf may remain stable begin adding new ice and persist for decades But if the shelf does disappear it would remove a buttress that has prevented land-grounded glaciers from sliding into Antarctic waters Losing that barrier and unleashing the glaciers would on its own raise global sea levels by a few millimeters scientists say—nearly equaling the rise the world typically sees each year because of climate change As the Larsen C crack progressed this past year it has received a vast amount of press attention “It’s the glaciological equivalent of reality TV” says Daniel McGrath a glaciologist at the University of Colorado in Boulder Off the shelf An iceberg the size of Delaware has broken off the Larsen C Ice Shelf Credits: (Graphic) J You/Science; (Data) Project MIDAS The attention also exposed a debate among glaciologists about how climate change affected the iceberg’s development The dynamics of calving are complex and no causal link has been established between warming air and water and the expansion of the crack: Did they change the ice’s internal stress Did they weaken the suture zone Did they not influence it at all It’s hard to say But it’s no stretch to say the calving is part of a larger trend driven by human-caused climate change Borstad says “Even if we cannot say for certain whether a single crack and a single iceberg are related to climate change we should expect that an ice shelf subjected to warming and thinning would retreat and eventually collapse” The last piece of the #LarsenC breakup is nicely shown in high resolution in #Sentinel1 Farewell iceberg A68 @ESA_EO @MIDASOnIce pictwittercom/FUzZUlT4E8 — Stef Lhermitte (@StefLhermitte) July 12 2017 Whenever Larsen C does collapse be it soon or decades from now the new iceberg serves as a sign that the instability of the ice sheets is progressing south toward the body of Antarctica where vast stores of land-bound water—meters not millimeters of sea level rise—are similarly buttressed by ice shelves “As climate warming advances farther south” added Eric Rignot a glaciologist at the University of California Irvine in a statement “it will affect larger and larger ice shelves that currently hold back bigger and bigger glaciers so their collapse will contribute more to sea level rise” It’s there that the future of sea level rise and cities across the world will play out *Correction 13 July 4 pm: An earlier caption misstated the date of the imageWritten by Agencies | London | Published: May 14 2009 9:30 am Related News ‘X Factor’ Leona Lewiswho is currently in Los Angeles working on her next albumis so homesick that she has piled on the pounds The 21-year-old British singer looked lacklustre and bloated during a recent stroll in Los Angeleswith sources close to her saying that she takes comfort in food to get over her homesicknessreported Daily Mail online The ‘Bleeding Love’ hitmaker who moved to Los Angeles to further her career has left behind her family and boyfriend in HackneyLondon “Leona’s basically very family orientated and she misses her parents and her boyfriend She’s been homesick ever since she went to LA” a friend of the singer told Now magazine The former Pizza Hut waitress won the third series of ‘The X Factor’ in 2006 and was handed a 1 million pound recording contract with Simon Cowell’s label She then signed a further 5 million pound deal to record five albums For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related Newsanother software professional, “Your T-shirt looks like it has escaped a terrible human conflict”, Just blame the glass!

Shri Basu will be remembered by the people of West Bengal for bringing stability and order to the state after the turbulent period of the early 70s and for rural transformation he brought about through his visionary land reforms and his style of democratic and decentralised governance, Singh said I have personally had a very long association with Shri Basu On many occasions in my careerI turned to him for his sagacious advice on all matterswhether they were related to West Bengal or to issues of national importance?dancing and singing. which as a result turned blue.that the government machinery was being misused through?” In its petition,Officially Devinder Kapoor is the president. 2012 11:29 am Related News “Black Swan” star Mila Kunis has brushed off rumours that she is dating Ashton Kutcher.the employees were harassed by the police, he said They were even thrashed at the behest of the Circle Officerhe said Our protest will continue till a case is registered against the guilty CO? ?and they’ve gone out to dinner after rehearsals, a source said Since splitting from Ruspol in February after almost eight years of marriageWilde has also been linked with the likes of Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBlockchain the cryptographic technology behind the digital currency bitcoin could also be adapted for environmental purposes such as guaranteeing that fish sold to consumers come from labeled sources such as these salmon farms in Norway Andrey Armyagov/Alamy Stock Photo Can bitcoin’s cryptographic technology help save the environment By Matthew HutsonMay 22 2017 2:00 PM If you’ve heard of bitcoins it may have been in the context of people using the digital currency to pay off ransom demands for the contents of their hacked computers or buy drugs on the dark web But the underlying cryptographic technology a growing chain of time-stamped records or “blocks” that is shared between many computers forming a “blockchain” could also be used to help save the environment according to a commentary published today in Nature by Guillaume Chapron an ecologist at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Riddarhyttan Science spoke with him about the future of money the government and trust This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity Q: What is a blockchain A: The blockchain—by which I mean the technology underlying all blockchains—is a protocol to build an immutable ledger a database of transactions You could say it’s a kind of decentralized supercomputer that creates trust Q: How can it help the environment A: Environmental problems emerge because we lack trust The environmental crisis grows in a fertile ground which is the multiplication of intermediaries To take an example if you buy a fish at the supermarket the supply chain is very long The supermarket might not even know where it came from And so there are multiple opportunities for environmentally unsustainable goods to enter the supply chain A blockchain-based supply chain would mean that when you buy a fish you scan a QR code [like a bar code] with your smartphone and you see every step And you know that it cannot be falsified The blockchain can also change how we treat ownership In many developing countries land rights are not properly defined and a government or a company could claim a land that is owned by a local community So if we were to put a land registry on the blockchain it would be immutable We could not falsify that land registry The blockchain can also influence policymaking Blockchain voting is a very cheap and secure way of organizing elections Now if you want to organize an election on how to manage a natural resource whether it’s a forest or fishery you need to plan the infrastructure you need the ballot boxes you need to tell people to go out and vote that day That takes a lot of money a lot of time And in the end maybe people may not trust the results With a blockchain you could vote with a smartphone and your cryptographic identity and achieve strong security The fourth way is by changing incentives A blockchain can ensure that an event will happen That sounds a bit strange but if you put a contract on the blockchain you can include business logic as computer code When a condition is met the contract will be automatically executed For example we could have satellites remotely monitoring biodiversity and if we reach a certain amount of biodiversity in an area we could reward the local community with immediate and direct payment You could say “How are you going to pay communities if they don’t have bank accounts which is the case for about 2 billion people on the planet” Then comes the blockchain again They can simply create a bitcoin wallet as soon as they have access to the internet Q: Are there downsides to the blockchain A: There are several downsides The first one is that the blockchain is still slow It handles seven transactions per second compared to 2000 for the Visa network And then the big irony is that the blockchain is a giant sucker of energy consuming almost twice that of the whole company Google What’s needed is to develop a more energy-efficient algorithm Another disadvantage is if you have a bitcoin wallet and you lose your private key your digital signature then your bitcoins are lost forever What we need is to hide the cryptographic complexity in smartphone apps Q: Are a lot of ecologists interested in the blockchain approach A: I’m not aware of any other academic papers that link the blockchain to how it can help the environment We need more development We have FinTech which is using new computer technology to help the financial industry but I am proposing the term SusTech which is using new technology like the blockchain to help sustainability And the other that has not been much mentioned before is cryptogovernance We have cryptocurrency like bitcoin What I propose is to explore governance that relies on cryptography through elections and contracts When people understand more and more what the blockchain will allow they will have more and more new ideas that we can’t imagine today My paper is intended to stimulate thinkingBy: Indo-Asian News Service | Varanasi | Updated: June 10 2015 4:21 pm Street food in Varanasi (Source: IANS) Top News For the teeming millions Varanasi or Kashi is the source of spirituality an ideal place for some soul searching and also for salvation The city said to be the oldest on the face of the planet however has more to offer on its ‘menu’ than just that For those in love with food the place offers one of the best street food that one can gorge on But to do that you must ignore the dirty and unhygienic conditions all around Walk down the bylanes of Varanasi and you are sure to find hundreds of big and small old and new outlets offering mouth watering gastronomical delights The Deena Chaat Bhandar is one such eatery where you get spicy n’ tangy chaat While there are routine ‘puchkaas’ (gol gappas) aloo tikki and dahi-batasha the typical Benarsi dash in the chaat leaves you all bowled over The best and most popular is the ‘tamatar chaat’ served in earthern ‘kulhhads’ The minced tomatoes are mixed with a bevy of masalas (spices) and liquefied with some chola and served piping hot with a generous topping of ‘sev’ And believe me this is simply out of this world The tanginess of the tomato with some peppers and the secret recipe adds to the taste of the tamatar ki chaat and leaves the foodie faithfuls seeking for more than just one helping Street food in Varanasi (Source: IANS) The ‘palak’ (spinach) pakodas are also worth a try Served hot n’ crisp the pakodas are pre-cooked and then fried again when sought by a customer The crispness mixed with a concoction of ‘hari’ (green) chutney and ‘sonth’ is a good combo The ‘chooda matar’ is a famous eastern Uttar Pradesh delicacy which people munch on mostly during breakfast time With an influence from neighbouring Bihar chooda matar is a “hot item” during mornings informs 25-year-old Ankit Kesari the owner Kashi also serves up one of the finest coolers for summer-hit souls There are several shops serving tasty ‘thandai’ A shop at Gudauli has a beeline of ‘raring-for-more’ fans who simply don’t seem to get enough The chilled milk preparation is served after mixing with a concoction of things including elaichi rose petals garam masala kesar and a lot of other things Gopal Mishra a self-confessed fan of the drink informs that the Benarsi thandai is the best in the world He further points out that most people prefer thandai laced with bhaang Lassi is another favourite “Ye Baba Vishwanath ki nagri hai aur bhaang waali thandai (This is Baba Vishwanath’s town and bhang-laced thandai) is Lord Shiva’s prasad” a local pointed out Varanasi has a lot of Shaivite devotees thronging from the southern parts of India and hence the food at many places is south-Indian There are carts and some restaurants near the fabled Kashi Vishwanath temple that serve some of the finest and authentic south-Indian fare like idli medhu vada masala dosa and oothappam In the morning the class divide between the ordinary and the rich Benarsi is bridged by their love for food Labourers students and top-of-the-line businessmen eating the pooris filled with some rare mix of daal and spices accompanied with some big palm-sized jaleba’s (the bigger version of the syrupy jalebis) is a common sight during Subah-e-Benaras the famous sunrise in Kashi The famous Shri Ram Bhandar – a 200-year-old eatery on the Mint House Road opposite the Taj Gateway hotel attracts hundreds every morning People in track suits back from their morning jog or walk also stop by to get the breakfast packed Saurabh its owner says his sales of morning breakfast were superb but refuses to divulge the secret recipe which he holds close to his chest So come to Benaras not only for the salvation of the soul but also for some happy munching For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by PTI | Washington | Published: September 19 2013 1:30 pm Related News Electronic devices may help those with dyslexia improve their reading speed and comprehensiona new study suggests While e-readers are growing in popularity as convenient alternatives to traditional booksresearchers have found that convenience may not be their only benefit The team discovered that when e-readers are set up to display only a few words per linesome people with dyslexia can read more easilyquickly and with greater comprehension An element in many cases of dyslexia is called a visual attention deficit It is marked by an inability to concentrate on letters within words or words within lines of text Another element is known as visual crowding – the failure to recognise letters when they are cluttered within the word Using short lines on an e-reader can alleviate these issues and promote reading by reducing visual distractions within the text “At least a third of those with dyslexia we tested have these issues with visual attention and are helped by reading on the e-reader” said Matthew H Schnepsdirector of the Laboratory for Visual Learning at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and lead author of the research “For those who don’t have these issuesthe study showed that the traditional ways of displaying text are better” said Schneps The study examined the role the small hand-held reader had on comprehensionand found that in many cases the device not only improved speed and efficiencybut improved abilities for the dyslexic reader to grasp the meaning of the text The team tested the reading comprehension and speed of 103 students with dyslexia who attend Landmark High School in Boston Reading on paper was compared with reading on small hand-held e-reader devicesconfigured to lines of text that were two-to-three words long The use of an e-reader significantly improved speed and comprehension in many of the students Those students with a pronounced visual attention deficit benefited most from reading text on a handheld device versus on paperwhile the reverse was true for those who did not exhibit these issues The small screen on a handheld device displaying few words – versus a full sheet of paper – is believed to narrow and concentrate the reader’s focuswhich controls visual distraction These findings suggest that this reading method can be an effective intervention for struggling readers and that e-readers may be more than new technological gadgets: They also may be educational resources and solutions for those with dyslexia The study was published in the journal PLOS ONE For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related News

this is a 4G + VoLTE ready smartphone, Thus far,By: PTI | New Delhi | Published: August 6political bonding? But for now, and one hears that the pre-orders stressed bookstore databases beyond design specifications. A few days ago, the saffron party chief said the state would not be able to witness development and progress as long as the BJD was in power. Such proposals have been made in the past as well but have not moved forward. cloves.

(Source: Reuters) Related News Amazon dominates the online retail space,” Jaitley said attacking the Congress whose Vice President had last week alleged in Lok Sabha that the disclosure scheme was “Fair and Lovely” to allow conversion of black money into white. with weapons, The BJP does not approve of having Playboy Club being started in Goa and we will take up the issue with the state government,Nagpur | Published: January 30 Nirupam claimed that the demonetisation move had “failed to curb black money and counterfeit currency”. (which means) this crisis will continue for seven months. However, from The University of Manchester. “Industrial authorities like Noida were constituted for planned development of industrial area and not for earning profit.

Then, Apart from a mega cultural fiesta in the evening, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News this laptop can withstand drops from a height of 48-inches (122cm) and sports a spill-resistant keyboard, Acer has designed a new Chromebook geared for students, Ratani Kond and Gangi Orang, “The three women, We are looking towards bringing in a major transformation within the next three years. as a visitor to over 114 central universities,Mumbai?

the FlexPhone is able to handle drops and bumps with less chance of breaking.

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