Orascom escalates €5B Algeria battle

first_img Steve Costello Sawiris linked with fresh Oi move – report Government takes control of Lebanon operators Home Orascom escalates €5B Algeria battle Asia Previous ArticleItaly takes action on Telecom Italia managementNext ArticleGSMA head presses Europe to take 5G lead Tags Relatedcenter_img Steve works across all of Mobile World Live’s channels and played a lead role in the launch and ongoing success of our apps and devices services. He has been a journalist…More Read more Author A long-running battle between Naguib Sawiris’ Orascom and the Algerian authorities rumbled on, with the operator seeking an annulment of a recent decision on the case.Orascom is petitioning to overturn a decision by the International Centre for the Settlement of International Disputes (ICSID) to reject a claim filed by the operator relating to “repeated breaches of international trade obligations to foreign investors”. The obligations were set out in an investment treaty between Algeria, Belgium and Luxembourg (Orascom TMT Investments is based in Luxembourg).This case had been around since 2012, but forms part of a broader battle dating from 2011 when Orascom TMT Investments was “forced to sell telecommunications operator Djezzy and various other entities” (although there were numerous disputes between the two parties prior to this).Commenting on the latest move, Sawiris said: “We are very confident of a successful legal claim. However, regardless of the outcome of the legal process, the Algerian Government’s unilateral expropriation of assets from an established and long-term foreign investor sets a deeply worrying trend, and sounds the warning bell to other current or prospective foreign owners in the country.”Orascom said throughout the 2000s it was the largest foreign investor in Algeria, a period it described as highly unstable for the country.Prior to the 2011 transaction, Djezzy was involved in $950 million worth of tax disputes; had payments of dividends to overseas shareholders blocked; was subject to banking restrictions; saw a customs blockade preventing it from importing telecoms equipment; and received a $1.3 billion fine related to foreign exchange regulations.The authorities also blocked other Orascom efforts to exit the market. Djezzy’s ownership issues continued until 2015, by which point Veon (VimpelCom) had acquired a number of Orascom assets.Orascom said in total, it “suffered losses amounting to €5 billion from the actions taken by the Algerian government”. AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to LinkedInLinkedInLinkedInShare to TwitterTwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookFacebookShare to MoreAddThisMore 17 OCT 2017 Orascom loses control of North Korean venture AlgeriaDjezzyOrascomlast_img read more

Trump’s baseless assertions of voter fraud called ‘stunning’

first_imgSeveral hours later, he added more specifics, but again without any evidence: “Serious voter fraud in Virginia, New Hampshire and California – so why isn’t the media reporting on this? Serious bias – big problem!”Election law experts quickly rejected Trump’s claims as farfetched.“There’s no reason to believe this is true,” said Rick Hasen, a professor specializing in election law at the University of California, Irvine. “The level of fraud in US elections is quite low.”Hasen added, “The problem of non-citizen voting is quite small — like we’re talking claims in the dozens, we’re not talking voting in the millions, or the thousands, or even the hundreds.”Trump’s tweet also successfully shifted the media narrative away from negative stories about Trump’s many conflicts of interest.David Becker, executive director of the Center for Election Innovation & Research and a former senior trial attorney in the Voting Section of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, agreed that widespread fraud was unlikely. To bolster his claims, Trump has cited a 2014 blog post in The Washington Post by the authors of a disputed study that estimated that “6.4 percent of non-citizens voted in 2008 and 2.2 percent of non-citizens voted in 2010.” That study has faced intense scrutiny from election experts, with one analyst telling factcheck.org earlier this year, “Their finding is entirely due to measurement error.”“Trump is the first winning candidate to question the legitimacy of the process that gave him the White House” — Timothy Naftali, New York UniversityTrump’s critics have argued that Clinton’s popular vote victory raises questions about whether Trump has a solid mandate to govern.Trump took to Twitter earlier Sunday, before making assertions of voter fraud, to bash the Clinton campaign’s decision to participate in the Green Party’s call for a recount. “The Green Party scam to fill up their coffers by asking for impossible recounts is now being joined by the badly defeated & demoralized Dems,” he tweeted Saturday.While there is no evidence of such fraud, Clinton’s campaign agreed to participate “in order to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides.”Trump listens as Barack Obama speaks during a meeting in the Oval Office | Win McNamee/Getty ImagesThe Obama administration has taken pains to bolster trust in the electoral system, with a senior administration official saying recently that the election results “accurately reflect the will of the American people.” “We know historically that this almost never happens,” he said. “You’re more likely to get eaten by a shark that simultaneously gets hit by lightning than to find a non-citizen voting.”A source close to the president-elect said he felt piqued by the Wisconsin recount demand of Green Party nominee Jill Stein, which Hillary Clinton’s campaign said it will participate in, so he hit back. Even though he’s won and it shouldn’t matter, he isn’t letting it go, the source said.Another adviser said that Trump genuinely believes “that the Democratic establishment will try to steal” his victory. So his goal is to hold their feet to the fire.The claims of voter fraud appear to have gained traction in conservative circle after Infowars, the conspiracy theory-laden website, published an article on Nov. 14 under the headline, “Report: 3 million votes in presidential election cast by illegal aliens.”Trump after the second presidential debate | Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty ImagesThe story cites an analysis by Gregg Phillips, who claims to be the founder of a voting app named VoteStand and who was previously associated with Newt Gingrich’s Winning Our Future super PAC. Phillips has declined to provide any evidence to PolitiFact or reporters to support his assertions of fraud. But he tweeted Sunday evening that he would “release a comprehensive research study to the public, Attorney General [nominee Jeff] Sessions and all interested parties.”Radio host Alex Jones, who runs Infowars, has faced criticism for promoting unsubstantiated — and often bizarre — conspiracy theories, including that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, which resulted in the death of 20 children, is a hoax, and that Hillary Clinton is a “demon from Hell.” Trump called Jones just days after the election to thank him for his support.It’s not insignificant that Trump’s tweet also successfully shifted the media narrative away from negative stories about Trump’s many conflicts of interest. The New York Times published a front-page investigation into the conflicts on Sunday.The president-elect has a long history of pushing debunked conspiracy theories, including the false claim that President Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States and that the election was “rigged” by global elites to assure Hillary Clinton’s victory.Hillary Clinton is now ahead in the popular vote by about 2.2 million votes, though Trump won the Electoral College by beating Clinton in key battleground states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and Wisconsin.Trump said on Twitter Sunday that he could have won the popular vote.“It would have been much easier for me to win the so-called popular vote than the Electoral College in that I would only campaign in 3 or 4 … states instead of the 15 states that I visited. I would have won even more easily and convincingly (but smaller states are forgotten)!” he wrote.center_img Donald Trump on Sunday used the platform of the U.S. presidency to peddle a fringe conspiracy theory to justify his loss of the popular vote, claiming without evidence that millions of people voted illegally November 8.Trump’s tweets marked an unprecedented rebuke of the U.S. electoral system by a president-elect and were met with immediate condemnation from voting experts and others. And they offered a troubling indication that Trump’s ascension to the highest political office in the United States may not alter his penchant for repeating unproven conspiracies perpetuated by the far-right.“In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally,” Trump wrote on Twitter. There is no evidence to support Trump’s claim and PolitiFact ruled it false. Presidential historians said Trump’s comments have little precedent.“Trump is the first winning candidate to question the legitimacy of the process that gave him the White House,” said Timothy Naftali, a history professor at New York University.Princeton historian Julian Zelizer noted that in 1876, both candidates for president — Samuel J. Tilden and Rutherford B. Hayes — claimed voter fraud. “But in that case, there was evidence of fraud and corruption in certain areas,” he said in an email.“In this case, we see the victor making blanket accusation of fraud to delegitimize 2.5 million votes,” Zelizer said. “Given there is no evidence to support the claim, this is simply stunning and troubling as a sign as to what he will do as president.”Eliana Johnson and Alex Isenstadt contributed to this story. Also On POLITICO Clinton’s lead in the popular vote surpasses 2 million By Nolan D. McCaskill Inside the loss Clinton saw coming By Edward-Isaac Doverelast_img read more

Chart 134: COVID-19 In New Mexico July 26

first_imgThe bars show the number of diagnoses per 100 residents by state. New Mexico and its five surrounding states are highlighted. Source: New York Times. Created by Eli Ben-Naimlast_img

Little Mix The Search announced for BBC One in 2020

first_imgChart-topping global sensations Little Mix will front a new talent search for BBC One in 2020 it has been announced.Little Mix The Search, made my ModestTV, will see the girl group – Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall and Leigh-Anne Pinnock – searching for talented singers to form all-female, all-male or mixed bands. The singers who make it into new bands will live together and gain access to Little Mix’s inner circle who have contributed to their phenomenal success; including vocal coaches, songwriters, producers and stylists.<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>The winning group will get the chance to join Little Mix on their summer tour in 2020.Little Mix said: “We want to create lots of incredible groups who really gel. As we have been there and done it ourselves, we know what it takes to make a group successful, and will be there to mentor them every step of the way. We want solo artists to audition as well as groups and every type of genre is welcome too. It’s going to be really exciting and people can apply right now!”Charlotte Moore, Director BBC Content said: “One of Britain’s most popular all-female bands Little Mix will bring their magic to BBC One on Saturday nights in 2020 in a brand new show set to inspire the next generation of young artists.”Andrea Hamilton, Executive Producer ModestTV said: “It’s a real privilege to be building a new show around such a successful and loved British band. Creating bands means relationships matter and there’s no one better to share that experience than Little Mix, who are living it right now.”Little Mix The Search is coming to BBC One and BBC iPlayer in 2020.last_img read more

Josh Gordon’s departure a necessary step in John Dorsey’s culture change

first_imgThe Cleveland Browns did all they could for Josh Gordon. But truthfully, Monday’s divorce that sent the embattled wide receiver to the New England Patriots for a 2019 fifth-round pick was long overdue.For the last six years Gordon has tested his luck, pushed every last button he could and pulled the wool over the eyes of the franchise and its fans. Through three different substance abuse suspensions — including a year-long one in 2015 — a season-long absence while he sought out help at a rehab treatment facility and a delayed arrival to training camp this summer, the Browns were there welcoming him back with open arms.Year-after-year, training camps began with thoughts of how special Gordon could be and a misguided belief that he had finally got his act together. Three different general managers fell for it. Three different head coaches fell for it. The hope was for Gordon to recapture that 2013 season that saw him lead the league in receiving and make the Pro Bowl. It never came.The Browns were loyal to a fault and Gordon took advantage of it. This weekend was the last straw and props to general manager John Dorsey for finally being able to do what a handful of executives before him couldn’t: draw a line in the sand.Word is that after Gordon’s late arrival to training camp, while he was off taking preparations to ensure he was ready for football and wouldn’t slip-up yet again, Dorsey made it clear to the 27-year-old that his leash was short. They had been patient with him, gave him his time and wanted him to be a key contributor on their football team, but they needed to know he was as committed as they showed they were to him.So when Gordon showed up late to a meeting on Saturday ahead of the team’s departure to New Orleans and had re-injured his hamstring at a promotional shoot, it was the last straw. The story isn’t so cut and dry and there are details we’ll probably never know. But what is known is that Gordon left practice on Friday completely healthy, came to the team facility to do a photo shoot late Friday night for what he said was for his clothing line, then showed up Saturday morning injured to the point where he couldn’t play Sunday.There is a report that Gordon may have lied about what the shoot was actually for and that he participated in a workout that night as part of a comeback promotion he was doing. There was also a report from Cleveland.com that he was acting strange when he arrived in Berea Saturday, which left some fearing he had relapsed. The fishiness was enough to break Dorsey’s trust and the trust of the organization for the last time.Some suggested Gordon may have even set the whole thing up to force his way out of Cleveland. If so that’s a damn shame after the city and the team stood by him all these years. And if so, good riddance.Fortunately, Dorsey was able to get something for the troubled wideout, who’s also been accused of freelancing his routes and not loving the game. That stuff won’t fly with Belichick.Naturally, there will be critics of the trade, who feel the Browns should have demanded more for such a talented asset. If Gordon flourishes with the Patriots it will only be worse. People will call it the Browns being the Browns and point to Gordon’s 2013 numbers dumbfounded that a team would just give that up for a messily fifth-round pick.But the truth is Gordon was never going to return to his 2013 glory, at least not here in Cleveland, and probably not even in New England. The best ability is availability and since 2013 Gordon has rarely been available. It’s why the trade includes a condition that if he isn’t active for 10 games the Browns must send back a seventh-round pick.Browns fans will forever look back on Gordon’s career through the lens of “what if?’ What if he had sought help for his substance abuse issues sooner? What if he hadn’t missed more than 50 games over the last five seasons? What if he had put his Hall of Fame talent to good use?The Josh Gordon experience was a draining one: for the organization and for fans. So while both parties wanted to see him succeed in Cleveland, they’re equally relieved for the nightmare to be over.It was about time. And even if Gordon goes on to be prosperous with the Pats, the value of having him out of the Browns young impressionable locker room can’t be overstated.Dorsey is trying to build the Browns into a winning organization and with minimal contributions from Gordon, the team is a few missed field goals and extra points away from being 2-0.Simply put, moving on from Gordon a necessary step in Dorsey completing his sweeping culture change. He challenged the system and wasn’t buying in: it was time to move forward with out him.Follow: @Spencito_ Related Topics2018 Cleveland BrownsJohn DorseyJosh Gordon Spencer Germanlast_img read more

Kilty places second at Junior World

first_imgKiltyBy Hub City Times staffMARSHFIELD – For the second year in a row, Stratford native Macey Kilty is a silver medalist at the Junior World Championships. According to Team USA Wrestling, Kilty lost her championship match on Aug. 16 in the gold medal finals to Miwa Morikawa of Japan 2-1 in Tallinn, Estonia.Kilty grabbed a 1-0 lead in the first period when Morikawa could not score on the shot clock. Morikawa tied the match when Kilty stepped out of bounds during second period action. Another miscue cost Kilty the match when Morikawa got behind her, and Macey tried breaking her opponent’s grip and drew a penalty with a “caution-and-one,” giving Morikawa a 2-1 advantage.Kilty failed to score as the match drew to a close, and Morikawa held on for the gold medal. Kilty advanced to the gold medal match with three victories on Aug. 15. Macey bested Nerea Pampin Blanco of Spain 10-0 and Wiktoria Choluj of Poland 12-1 in two technical-fall victories, before pinning Hanna Sadchanka of Belarus in the semifinals. This was Kilty’s second-straight year claiming silver at Junior World competition.Team USA took sixth in team standings with a total of 62 points. Japan was dominant, with a first-place total of 230 points, a total of eight champions, two bronze medalists, and a sweep of all five gold medal matches. Russia finished in second place with 115.Kilty is now 4-for-4 in four age-group World Championship matches. In addition to two silver medals in the last two Junior World competitions, Kilty won bronze at the 2016 Cadet World event and gold at last year’s Cadet Worlds. Macey is planning to compete this fall in the U23 World Championships in Budapest, Hungary Oct. 28-Nov. 3.last_img read more

Video: Africa’s greatest entrepreneurs

first_imgAfrica’s Greatest Entrepreneurs is a unique collection of stories about 16 of the most successful entrepreneurs and business visionaries currently operating in Africa. Author Moky Makura talks to Zoopy TV about the book. Click arrow to play interview.Posted on SouthAfrica.info on 23 February 2009.last_img

No rankings reward for Bafana’s big win

first_img20 November 2013 Bafana Bafana’s upset 1-0 victory over world number one Spain on Tuesday will not be reflected in the Fifa world rankings, Fifa’s media office said on Wednesday. South Africa’s Eye Witness News contacted Fifa for clarification about the matter and were told that because Spain used a seventh substitute in Tuesday’s match it could not be classified as a category A game. Therefore no caps will be earned and the match will not be recorded as an official result. However, it appears that the matter is not yet closed, as a Fifa spokesman told Eye Witness News that they are still are still awaiting the official report for analysis and to consider their next steps.The seventh substitution Late in the match at the FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, Spanish goalkeeper Victor Valdez, who had replaced Iker Casillas during the game, suffered an injury. Spain had already used the maximum allowable six substitutes by that time, so outfielder Alvaro Arbeloa donned a goalkeeper’s jersey. South Africa’s coach Gordon Igesund was then seen remonstrating with officials and Spanish players as Napoli goalie Pepe Reina moved to join the game. After an exchange of words between Igesund and a number of players and officials, Reina was allowed to replace Valdez and became the world champions’ seventh substitute.‘The rules of the game’ “I was not fighting on the sidelines, I was just informing them that they had already made six substitutes as per the rules of the game and also from our agreement in the meeting a day before the match,” Igesund said at a press conference after the game. “I also added that if they want to make another change it is up to the match officials, but I think the rules are rules and they shouldn’t be changed, even if it is a friendly match. “I was not refusing them to put on another player, and was quite happy for them to get on another player in terms of fair play. I think it was a misunderstanding due to a language barrier,” he added.A welcome boost South Africa’s 1-0 victory was their first win over a team ranked number one in the world. It came as a welcome boost after Bafana Bafana missed out on qualifying for the 2014 Fifa World Cup in Brazil. The focus of the team, Igesund said would be the big forthcoming competitions. “Our vision remains the 2015 and 2017 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers, as well as the 2018 World Cup in Russia.last_img read more

21st-century South Africans need to leave a lasting legacy

first_imgYFM DJ Moeti Tsiki, also known as Mo Flava, facilitated the dialogueIn 1976, young South Africans came together to play a pivotal role in highlighting the injustices of apartheid; they risked their lives squaring up to a heartless regime and secured a place in history for their role in liberating the country. They left a lasting legacy. Now, the young people of this generation are looking for ways to make their mark on South Africa’s history.Brand South Africa and the Sowetan, through the Play Your Part/Sowetan Dialogues, invited youngsters to The Nelson Mandela Foundation in Houghton on 18 June to discuss the issue. The event coincided closely with 16 June, the 38-year anniversary of the Soweto Student Uprising, in which school children protested the introduction of Afrikaans as a language of instruction in schools.YFM DJ Moeti Tsiki, also known as Mo Flava, facilitated the dialogue and panellists included Simamkele Dlakavu, a One Young World Ambassador and producer on e.tv’s The Big Debate; Neliswa Fente, co-founder of SpringAGE, a youth-led innovation company; and Nzinga Qunta, an ANN7 TV presenter and entrepreneur.Tsiki kicked off the dialogue asking, “[In 1976] Young people with no guidance from political parties managed to organise themselves and go against the apartheid government. After 20 years of freedom is the youth of today, who don’t share the same struggles, able to leave a lasting legacy with no common goal?”The answers were enlightening.Panelists Neliswa Fente, co-founder of SpringAGE, a youth-led innovation company; and Nzinga Qunta, an ANN7 TV presenter and entrepreneurINTER-GENERATIONAL DIALOGUEFente expressed the need for “intergenerational dialogue” for today’s youth to learn from their forebears; she said, “What we need is inter-generational dialogues that will see youngsters interacting with older people … with both learning about each other’s struggles and not the other believing they know better.”Fente represented South Africa at the One Young World Conference in Zurich in 2011 and in 2013 she sat as an Advisory Board Member for One Young World. She is also a South African Spark Change Maker for 2013 and was named one of South Africa’s Top 20 Inspiring Young people of 2013 by Youth Village.One Young World is a group of the world’s brightest young people solving the world’s problems.She added that young people need deliberate spaces to collaborate to reach their goals.STRUCTURAL IMBALANCEDlakavu introduced her thoughts with a statistic, saying that more than 80% of SA youth are not involved in civic organisations and lack organisational skills.She added that “Structural and infrastructure issues hold youth back from fulfilling their potential, but many persevere and make it.”She believes that a common goal brought the children together in 1976, but that today young people live in an “individualistic world” that advocates personal achievements, making it difficult to have common goals.To address this, Dlakavu believes that youngsters need to have the “spirit of service” where they take time to do for others at no benefit to themselves.“Before the elections we were in Marikana and I was touched when young people had organised themselves in groups and tutored each other because they had lost a lot of schooling time …  instead of sitting at home complaining they decided to do it for themselves and educate one another,” she said.She added that young people are not short of role models and concluded by saying, “We need to move beyond selfishness and towards being of service to others.”The latest in the series of dialogues asked South Africa’s young people to consider the legacy they want to leave for their childrenSTART WITH YOUR PASSIONQunta believes that for youngsters to leave a lasting legacy they should follow their passions and forget about the grand gestures.She described working with volunteer organisation Cheese Kids for South Africa, where the founders also followed their passions; she said, “When Cheese Kids for South Africa was started we were at a garage with [founder] Shaka Sisulu and decided to go paint an orphanage for the day.”Qunta believes that to make the country a better one, all who live in it need to contribute; “If you’re living in South Africa during this democracy and you’re not doing anything to extend yourself beyond your family and friends, then you are not doing anything to make this a better country.”She also addressed youngsters’ sometimes unrealistic expectations, saying, “Another thing the youth of today need to do is forget about all the glamorous careers, because who will build roads and infrastructure if we are all DJs?”“There is a bit of swag in being a farmer,” she said, to much laughter.She concluded talking about her own passions and goals, saying she plays her role in improving South Africa by being in the media, distributing information, and added that in order to leave a lasting legacy, youngsters need to identify their passion to know where to play their roles.last_img read more

Bahamas Police Commissioner Greenslade gone to UK appointed as High Commissioner

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#NASSAU, The Bahamas – October 12, 2017 – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Sidney S. Collie as Ambassador of The Bahamas to the United States of America and as Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States. Mr. Ellison E. Greenslade, Former Commissioner of Police, has been appointed as High Commissioner of The Bahamas to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and as Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organization.Appointed as Consuls General are Mr. Theo J.P. Neilly to head the Consulate General in Washington, DC; Ms. Astra Armbrister-Rolle to head the Consulate General in Atlanta, GA; Ms. Linda Treco-Mackey to head the Consulate General in Miami, FL; and Mr. Lawrence “Larry” Cartwright to head the Consulate General in New York, NY.Press Release: Bahamas Information Services Recommended for you Related Items:#greenslade, #MagneticNewsMedia, #RoyalBahamasPolice, #ukhighcommission # TCI Premier blasts Opposition side for “slop” information, sets it straight in HOA Nearly 30 Haitians caught following illegal landing in Nassau, says Defence Force TCI Govt calls Desarrollos Hotelco Public Meeting, EIA ready Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more