GEOVIA POWERBY Social Collaboration soon to be launched

first_imgIn a November 2017 GEOVIA blog post, Raoul Jacquand, GEOVIA CEO at Dassault Systèmes stated: “The mining industry will not be immune to digital disruption – consider the sharing economy, where ride-sharing and apartment-sharing has become the standard today in industries we once regarded as traditional. What if mining is, too, transformed by the sharing economy? Building on the theme of sharing and collaboration digitally, I would like to introduce our GEOVIA community to GEOVIA POWER’BY, a set of rich applications leveraging the power of a social and collaborative enterprise-level platform.”He added: “These applications are tied to Roles offered on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, such as Business Innovation, Industry Innovation and Geology Modeler, which enable you to access different capabilities and benefits. Think of it as your digital workspace, starting with the Business Innovation role which allows you to share your files dynamically, visualise models in 3D, dashboard your data, start a community to collaborate on projects and more.”This post was followed up in December 2017 with another launching the Business Innovation role under the POWER’BY umbrella. “As your personalised social and content collaboration platform, the Business Innovation role enables teams to work, share and learn on the cloud.” An online video, available at shows a typical mining scenario, end of month reporting, and how the platform enables better collaboration and communication between team members. This workflow demonstrates a typical use of the platform’s social collaboration features in a mining context. The official launch of POWER’BY Social Collaboration to mining customers is expected in Q1 2018.last_img read more